Custom Decorative Mirrors

Tailor Your Reflection with Unique Designs

Explore the limitless possibilities with Verrier Glass as we offer custom decorative mirrors that are crafted to perfectly reflect your personal style and enhance any space with their bespoke beauty.

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We are your experts for mirror solutions designed to multiply your space.

Verrier Glass invites you to discover our premium collection of mirrors, each tailored to your specifications. Our mirrors redefine your space, going beyond mere reflections to become integral elements of your interior design. The customisation options extend to edge and colour finishes and integrated lighting, allowing you to choose from a variety of options that perfectly align with your home and enhance the overall aesthetics of your space.


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Discover Durability and Elegance with Our Glass Collection

As an innovative glass company, we take pride in offering a diverse selection that seamlessly combines durability, and elegance. Explore our collection, featuring toughened mirrors, bathroom mirrors, corrosion resistant mirrors, coloured mirrors and a host of customisable options that cater for your project.

Crafting Excellence – Bespoke Mirrors Tailored for You

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating every project. Crafted to custom measurements, our mirrors are available in any size or shape, providing you with the flexibility to choose a mirror that perfectly fits your space and design. The result is a mirror that transcends functionality, becoming a bespoke piece of design that harmonises seamlessly into your interior aesthetic.

Innovative Anti-Corrosion Mirrors – Where Style Meets Longevity

For those seeking a perfect balance of durability and style, our anti corrosion mirrors stand as a testament to our innovative approach. These mirrors are specifically designed to endure coastal conditions and high humidity, making them ideal for spaces where exposure to salt rich environments are a concern. Our anti corrosion mirrors not only withstand these challenges but also retain their pristine quality over time, ensuring longevity and brilliance that surpass ordinary standard mirrors.

Decorative Mirrors Sunshine Coast

Decorative mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces; they are functional art pieces that can transform any room by enhancing its aesthetic appeal and perceived space. At Verrier Glass, we specialise in creating mirrors that are not only beautiful but also embody craftsmanship and design excellence.

History and Evolution of Decorative Mirrors

The use of mirrors as decorative elements dates back to ancient civilisations. Initially crafted from polished stone and metals, today’s mirrors are made with high-quality glass, offering clearer reflections and adding light and depth to interiors. Understanding the historical significance of mirrors can enrich the appreciation of their role in modern decor.

Types of Decorative Mirrors

Framed Mirrors

These mirrors come with a variety of frames, from ornate designs featuring intricate wood carvings to sleek and minimal metal frames. Each style serves to complement different decor themes from classical to contemporary.

Etched Mirrors

Featuring delicate designs etched onto the glass surface, etched mirrors add an elegant and bespoke element to any space.

Tinted Mirrors

Tinted mirrors are available in various colors and intensities, adding a unique visual element that can alter the mood and style of a room.

Antique Mirrors

These mirrors are treated to have a distressed look, evoking a sense of history and vintage charm.


How Decorative Mirrors Enhance Interior Design

Decorative mirrors are versatile tools in interior design, capable of transforming spaces through the illusion of space and amplification of light. Placing mirrors strategically can brighten up dark corners, make small spaces appear larger, and serve as focal points in room layouts.

Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Space

Selecting the right mirror involves considering both function and style. Here are some tips:

  • Size and Placement: Consider where the mirror will be placed to determine the appropriate size. A large mirror in a small room can create a sense of depth, while a series of smaller mirrors can serve as an art installation.
  • Style Compatibility: Ensure the mirror’s style complements the room’s existing decor. An ornate mirror might suit a traditional setting, while a frameless mirror might look best in a modern context.
  • Purpose: Decide if the mirror is meant to be a focal point, a functional piece in a bathroom or dressing room, or simply an element to enhance light.

The Craftsmanship Behind Verrier Glass Mirrors

At Verrier Glass, every mirror is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. Our mirrors are crafted using the latest technology combined with traditional glassmaking techniques. We offer customization options, allowing clients to choose from various sizes, shapes, finishes, and frames to perfectly match their interior design needs.

Maintenance Tips for Decorative Mirrors

Proper maintenance ensures your mirrors remain stunning and functional:

  • Clean using a soft cloth and appropriate glass cleaner to avoid scratches.
  • Regularly check the integrity of the frame and backing to ensure safety and durability.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive moisture to prevent deterioration of the reflective coating.

Enhance the ambiance of your living room with a bespoke wall mirror from Verrier Glass. Our wall mirrors are not only functional but also serve as stunning decorative pieces that can dramatically transform the look and feel of your space. Whether you prefer a large, statement piece that draws the eye or a series of smaller mirrors for a subtle yet stylish effect, our custom options allow you to create a living room environment that is both inviting and reflective of your unique aesthetic.

Verrier Glass offers a wide range of decorative mirrors that bring style, elegance, and functionality to any space. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle addition to your room, our extensive collection and custom options are sure to meet your needs.