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Trusted Tradesmen for Glass Maintenance and Repairs

Welcome to Verrier Glass Sunshine Coast, your trusted tradesmen for comprehensive glass and window servicing. Our expertise spans a range of essential solutions, including onsite polishing, maintenance, repairs, and replacements aimed at restoring both functionality and aesthetics to your glass installations. With meticulous attention to detail, we handle everything from repairing chipped glass to installing brand-new windows, ensuring that your glass surfaces remain both practical and stylish.

Advanced Coating and Restoration Services

Beyond standard services, we specialise in applying special hydrophobic water and corrosion-repelling coatings and conducting thorough glass restoration. This guarantees that your glass surfaces and sealing elements maintain their working condition, functionality, and quality for the long term. Our custom kitchen glass backsplashes and bathroom shower enclosures elevate everyday living, while our custom decorative mirrors and glass tabletops add a sophisticated touch that reflects your personal style.

Custom Glass Creations and Commercial Services

In addition to residential projects, we specialise in commercial glass services that enhance storefronts and office spaces with durable and attractive designs. Our architectural glass solutions, like walls and balustrades, seamlessly blend modern design with practical functionality. At Verrier Glass Sunshine Coast, our commitment is to guarantee that your glass surfaces and fittings not only remain flawless but also perform impeccably. Trust us to provide superior glass solutions for all your glass maintenance and repair needs, ensuring lasting quality and excellence.


Window Installation and Replacement

Installing new windows or replacing broken or outdated ones for better insulation and aesthetics.


Mirrored Surfaces

Creating custom mirrors or replacing existing ones for vanity areas, gyms, or decorative accents.


Custom Decorative Mirrors

Creating mirrors tailored to specific designs, whether for vanity, gym, or decor purposes.


Glass Repair

Fixing cracked or chipped glass in windows, doors, or other glass structures.


Glass Table Tops

Custom glass tops for tables to protect surfaces or achieve a sleek look.


Safety Glass Installation

Installing tempered or laminated safety glass for enhanced protection in homes and commercial buildings.


Custom Kitchen Glass Solutions

Providing glass backsplashes, countertops, or cabinetry for modern, functional kitchen spaces.


Shower Enclosure Installation

Installing or replacing shower doors and enclosures for a stylish, leak-proof bathroom setup.


Architectural Glass Solutions

Installing glass walls, partitions, or glass balustrades to create contemporary, open environments.


Commercial Glass Services


Luxury Glass Bathroom Solutions

Installing custom glass shower enclosures and partitions for elegant, high-end bathrooms.


Custom Glass Shelving

Designing and installing glass shelves for a modern, open look in homes and commercial spaces.


Glass Maintenance

Routine inspections and repairs to ensure glass structures remain in good condition.


Insulated Glass Replacement

Replacing double- or triple-pane windows to improve energy efficiency and reduce condensation.


Bespoke Glass Creations

Crafting custom glass pieces, such as glass sculptures or unique installations, that fit your specific vision.

Maintaining Your Glass Installations

Discover top-quality Glass Installations & Maintenance services tailored for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team provides reliable installations and comprehensive maintenance to ensure your glass features remain pristine and functional.